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Dated: Oct. 16, 2013

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It will probably happen that you have to connect into a wireless router in order to do some updates on the routers configuration. In order to gain acces to the wireless router and it's configuration you need to be familiar with the IP address of the router and also you need to know the admin password and the username of the wireless router. It is not bad if you are knowledgeable in router problems and fixing those problems. If you want to connect to a wireless router, it will take a minute, literally, but it is not that easy. The process how to do that is readable below.

You will need to verify the local IP that your wireless router has. You will commonly see that your IP address is something like, or something similar. The routers are built to have a generic IP address. In order to find your IP address you are going to need to do the following things.

How To Find a Router's IP Address

Check if your computer and the router are connected by either wireless or Ethernet cables or something else. But, you need to make sure that the computer has an IP address. After you have checked if your router and computer are connected together, open your Web browser and and request connecting to a router by its IP address. You are going to do that by entering your IP address in the address bar.Wireless router connecting

If you do everything correctly, a connection to the router will be established and then you will be asked to enter the login information that is required to login on the router. After you have entered the correct login information you will gain access to router as an administrator. When you install a router for the first time you will see that it has a generic password and username. You can find that information in the documents you received when you bought that router. If a problem occurs and an error message pops up on your screen, the thing that is usually wrong is that your router is not connected to your router. If this happens, do these three steps and repeat the third step that is listed above.

First, restart your router (turn it off and then turn it on back again). Second, disable your firewall for the time needed to establish the connection. Third, you need to reset your router to the generic or default factory settings that it had when you received it. A great thing to have in mind if you are new to administrative work on wireless routers is that you can use a wired Ethernet link, and not Wi-Fi. If an error happens you will still be connected with Ethernet.

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