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Dated: Aug. 13, 2004

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The Internet, as helpful as it is for researching any topic imaginable, also brings with it many infamous quirks - one of those is popup ads. Everywhere you go, you're bound to get them. Popup ads claiming you've just won a million dollars, popup ads "alerting" you that your computer is vulnerable to hackers, and popup ads for some questionable websites. So, what can you do about them? How can you fight the popup war?

The onslaught of popups has created a new industry - the "ad-blocking" industry. There are many solutions out there to block popups, and they range from the ridiculously priced to the absolutely free. So, what to use?

Like many other things on the Internet (for example, spam filters) popup blockers are not always 100% correct. So, you have to be careful what you use. Of course you never want to see those popup ads, but you also have to be careful that what you block isn't a page you really needed to see.

Internet Popups

There are many programs out there that will block popups for you, and you can easily find many by searching on any good search engine. For example, there's PanicWare (), StopZilla (), and Ad-aware (), just to name a few. However, I personally recommend Google.

Google blocks popup-ads? They certainly do. And if you are already using the Google Toolbar, you already have the functionality installed on your computer. If not, just jump on over to to install it. Once it's installed, to make sure any ads are being blocked, click the Google logo on the left of the toolbar, then Options. You'll see listed there, under Accessories, the Popup Blocker - simply check that box and you'll be alright!

But what about the popups you want to let through? Google takes care of that as well. If you are clicking a link that you know is going to pop-up, and you need to see it, just hold down the Control key while you click. And if you trust certain sites to only display popups you want to see, just click the popup button on the toolbar - and Google will never block ads for that site again. Easy!

More information about using the Google Toolbar can be found at .

What is TechiWarehouse doing about popup ads?

What? You haven't noticed? TechiWarehouse has now done away with all popup ads!

We had them because we needed money to keep the site running, but after much consideration we have now decided to lose all our popups. After all, visitors are the first priority and we want to keep them coming back! Our other ads are still intact, as we do still need to make money, but if you ever feel that our ads are too intrusive, you're welcome to comment on them.

There could be three different categories of sites on the Internet: those who love popups and love haunting their users with them, those who hate popups but realise they need them, and those who absolutely detest popups and won't include them at all on their site. TechiWarehouse has now moved from the second category into the third.

What else can I do to combat the popup war?

You can help combat the popup war. Firstly, try to boycott any programs or websites that haunt you with popups. Many free programs display ads to keep them going, and while there's no problem in this, many go too far by displaying ads when you don't want them. They take over your browser and don't let you have it back.

So, before you download any program that says it includes ads, do a search for it on Google and see what other people have said about it. You can learn a lot from other people's mistakes!

All programs should tell you, before you download or install them, exactly what they will do to you. However, not all are totally honest - and if you have downloaded a program and you believed that you were tricked, there is something you can do about it. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission helps you sort out any problems you have with deceptive or unfair businesses. You can visit , or call 1-877-FTC-HELP. For other countries, you can visit .


Today you've learnt a bit more about fighting the popup war - you've read about blocking popups, what TechiWarehouse is doing about popups, and how you can take further action if you believe you have been deceived. Let's all work together to make the Internet a better place to be!

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