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Dated: Feb. 06, 2008

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By Mike Watson

Let's Begin

First, You need to go to Start, then run.

Type in regedit in the box.

Next, goto the folderCable Modem Speed Upgrade
Now, find the string DefaultRcvWindow.

Now, edit the number to 64240 (was 65535) then restart your computer.

There you go. High speed cable modem now without downloading any program.

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kok guan jie's Comment
i want modem speed please
18 Wed May 2011
Admin's Reply:

if i know answer i will help you, thanks again for your questions.

nabil's Comment
did not find VxD in xp . i use nokia n73 for connection ... how can i speedup my connection pls help me!!!!!!!!
31 Sat Jul 2010
Admin's Reply:

I wouldn't know anythin about that.

Faisal Rehman's Comment
Service VxD is not available in registry of Windows 7
23 Wed Jun 2010
Admin's Reply:

Thanks for sharing that Faisal. I didn't know that.