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Dated: Feb. 21, 2013

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Why do companies today race to apply HTML5 coding and innovative ways of its use?

It is hard to imagine, but a long time ago sites were made out of bare text, written in HTML language.

Web designers that worked for companies were aware that most of their clients have slow internet connections and because of that they won’t have patience to wait a long time while their web pages load.

Even a simple black and white picture could have annoyed a user as it gradually appears on the screen in painfully slow lines.

That began to change because of the growth of Internet speed and the development of sophisticated coding methods for multimedia contents that were starting to be used. When Macromedia Flash appeared in the mid 90’, Adobes product, a big step forward came in that industry. Animations, video sequences and graphics became more sophisticated.

But, from it’s very beginning in the early 90’, HTML language didn’t support video contents by itself. That is the reason why HTML5 got that much support, especially by corporations and institutions. The latest version of this language can do all types of dynamic tasks and visual tricks. The Internet is progressing today faster than anytime before.

Html5 video problemThe Big Players Have Joined 

Programmers of  Web apps like Kevin Sweeney, that works on a famous video sharing site called Vimeo with its headquarters in New York, already accepted these new tools that have been built in HTML5.

“We were forced to rely on external add-ons like Adobe Flash or Quick Time, that we had to build in on our web pages. The thing that will be accomplished by the use of HTML5 is their removal from the code so that these things are directly supported.“, says he.

Simply said, that means that there are a lot less chances that users will find a black hole in the middle of a site when they visit it, or they get endless requests to download a plugin, and while this takes several minutes, they already clicked on the competition site.

iPod Touch, iPhone, and from recently iPad have been very successful at creating black holes in the middle of the screen, because the former owner of the company Steve Jobs didn’t allow the use of Flash on his devices. This also stands for Android phones that don’t have a basic Flash support.

A mass expansion of the use of these devices means that successful companies can’t ignore the need to convert their sites to HTML5 and especially multimedia content.

A lot of companies don’t wait for HTML5 specifications to be done and accepted after a long process of testing, but instead they started using early, unofficial versions of the code to get complete web pages.

New Horizons

Aaron Gustafson, the author of the book ’’Adaptive Web Design’’, says that versatility and dynamic nature of the HTML5 means that it can be used in new ways in different environments, including offices and kitchens.

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