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Dated: Feb. 11, 2013

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The Rampage IV Formula motherboard comes between the Gene and the Extreme types with its characteristics. It uses a PCB of standard dimensions, unlike the Extreme model that uses the EATX PCB. That means less free space for most functions and the possibilities that the Rampage IV Extreme has, but it is interesting to see how much can be placed in the standard ATX format. Like the other Rampage IV motherboards, the Formula is available in 2 variants, with the game Battlefield 3 or without it.

Asus Rampage IVIn the basic things, the Rampage IV Formula doesn’t have a lot of differences from the Rampage IV Extreme model. Of course, the dimensions are smaller, but there are no significant imperfections. The only thing that you notice immediately is the smaller number of memory slots, and the Formula has the standard four. Around the memory slots are elements of the power unit. They are similar to the Extreme model, so the Formula has the same Extreme Engine Digi+ II power unit. The Rampage Formula IV also has the X – Socket option, which enables the use of the LGA 1366 cooler, so you don’t have to buy a new one. It has four graphic PCI Express slots. The first two can work in the x16 mode, and the other two are restricted to x8. 

All Republic of Gamers boards have advanced overlooking capabilities, so the Formula takes over a lot of things we have seen in the Extreme model, but the basic flaw is the lack of the OC Key extra. The ROG connector is there, and it is used to reset the BIOS, but also for activating the BIOS Flashback function. The GO is a must by now, but it has a dual function, the GO and the MemoryOK. 

ASUS Rampage FormulaThe Rampage IV Formula has a set of contacts that serve the purpose of measuring the voltage of every vital part of the system. There is also the DIP switch that enables turning off the PCI Express slots while the computer is working.

In the lower right corner of the PCB there is another switch, that has the role of changing the active BIOS. The only thing that is missing (from the advanced functions) are the SubZero Sense and the VGAHotWire.

The BIOS is similar to the Extreme model, so the Formula won’t deprive you of advanced options. Overclocking is a very simple action, so you can easily get to the beat of 4,8 GHz with minimal adjustments. With increased work voltage, you can go up to 4,9 GHz, while you can’t work with stability on the magical 5 GHz.

The performances of all Republic of Gamers boards are similar, mostly because the boards themselves are similar. It is because of this that we wanted to present you the Rampage IV model, and it is also cheaper than the Extreme. For anyone who is interested in Sandy Bridge-E, the Rampage IV Formula is a optimal choice  when it comes to X79 mother boards with maximum performances and possibilities.

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