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Dated: Oct. 09, 2013

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Networking In General

Basic Wireless Network Settings for Routers

Standard default values are usually used by routers for their Wi-Fi radio settings. The variations of of wireless protocols that will be supported by the router are managed by the Wi-Fi mode. What frequency band will be used by a wireless router for radio communication is determined by the Wi-Fi channel number. The usual Wi-Fi channel numbers in most countries are somewhere between 1 and 11. It often happens that they set themselves by default to one, six or eleven, but it possible to change this. A "router name" or "wireless network name", also called a SSID (Service Set Identifier), is something that the wireless routers use to identify other routers. All routers at first have a generic Service Set Identifier, it is commonly the name of the vendor or a common phrase such as "wireless". It is possible to change the Service Set Identifier to avoid problems with other routers and also to increase you security level.

Internet Connection Settings for Routers

Every broadband router supports the settings that are needed to configure home Internet connections through an attached broadband modem. The names of those settings are not the same for every router, the usually vary a lot between routers.Router settings

What types of Internet connections exist

Every type of broadband Internet service that is used by wide masses is supported by Home routers. You will see that a common thing for routers is to show you a list of Internet connection types and they need an administrator in order to choose the type that suits the network they have the best. Usual names for Internet connection types you can see on a router are "static IP", "PPPoE", "L2TP", and many more. Those names usually originate form the Internet network protocol technology. There are a few Internet providers that include DSL account names and password to whoever subscribes them. You must enter there settings in the console of the router for it to support the modem.

Maximum Transmission Unit

Summed up, the MUT ( Maximum Transmission Unit) setting is something that is used to describe the biggest possible number of bytes that one physical unit that can have. The default numbers that routers are usually set to are 1400, 1492, 1460 or 1500. But, there are cases when providers might need a different number. Using the wrong number usually causes a lot of problems on home networks, so the best thing you can do is to set this number by the directions you get from your service provider.

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