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Dated: Sep. 25, 2005

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PHP Programming

By Najmi

Cookies are small bits of information that can be stored on a client computer. Once a cookie is created, it will expire after a specified time period. All the information stored in a cookie exists until it expires or deleted by the user.

Now-a-days most of the websites use cookies to store small amounts of information. Websites can read the values from the cookies and use the information as desired. The browser is capable of keeping track of the websites and their corresponding cookies and is capable of reading the information from relevant cookies.

How To Create a Cookie

Cookies can be set using the 'setcookie' function in PHP. This function takes three arguments - name of the variable, value of the variable and the expiry time period. The syntax to set a cookie using PHP is as given below:




  1. variable - name of the cookie variable
  2. variable - value of the cookie variable
  3. time - expiry time




  1. Test - cookie variable name
  2. $i - value of the variable 'Test'
  3. time()+3600- denotes that the cookie will expire after an one hour

How To Reset/Destroy a Cookie

Using Cookies in PHP

There are several ways to destroy cookies. Cookies can be deleted either by the client or by the server. Clients can easily delete the cookies by locating the Cookies folder on their system and deleting them. The Server can delete the cookies in two ways:

  • Reset a cookie by specifying expiry time
  • Reset a cookie by specifying its name only

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