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Mobile Commerce: The Palm OS - Way Beyond WAP - Palm logo Allow me the to take you into the wonderful world of the Palm OS. This is the system that today powers over 75% of the personal mobile handheld market.
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WML Tutorial - WML Tutorial Get the hands on with Wireless Markup Language with WML tutorial. WML is a 'markup' language. This means that WML pages are written and saved as text files, using 'tags' like those found in HTML. Anyone familiar with HTML should find learning WML fairly easy
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Computer Training Excuses - No ExcuseYou wouldn't go to a doctor who had never been to medical school, or hire a lawyer who never studied law. One side-effect of a world advancing as rapidly as ours is that fields are becoming more and more specialized and narrow. People can no longer get by on general knowledge in their careers, something I found out for myself not too long ago. I'd been out of high school for two years, scraping by on my own and picking up scraps of programming as I went. I saw all of the self-taught programmers breaking into the IT industry, and I hoped to do the same. After all, IT is one of the few industries out there where being creative and a quick learner is more important than a degree.
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Which is the Easiest Programming Language? - Programming LanguagesIf you have some misconception in mind that the programming languages are easy or hard, I am afraid to say that you are mistaken. To tell you frankly about the programming languages, there is nothing such as easy or tough programming language. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while stepping into the world of programming languages is that which programming language would set your base by giving you in-depth knowledge of programming logics and the basics of programming techniques.
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Improving Performance Over Wireless Networks - Improving Performance Over Wireless NetworksTCP is a common transport protocol that is used in almost all the internet applications. The main problem with the TCP is that TCP falsely assume the packet loss as congestion. The TCP sender detects a packet loss when a time out happens or duplicate acknowledgements happen.
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Entering into Programming World - Good Luck ProgrammingOnce you have learned some programming languages, you feel yourself completely prepared to enter into the programming world, and start working on the programming languages that you have learned. Many students also feel that they have learned extra things which might be helpful in their programming careers. The matter of fact is that the real world is entirely different from what you have been taught in the classrooms.
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Why Programmers Love the Night - Programming at night One famous saying says that programmers are machines that turn caffeine from coffee and Coca Cola into a programming code. And if you ask a programmer when does he like working the most and when is he most productive - he is probably going to say late at night or early in the morning, that is when he has the greatest energy and concentration to work.
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What's The Buzz on GSM? - GSM This articles give the brief intro into the world of GSM and the wireless. GSM, short for Global System for Mobile Communication, is the standard behind digital mobile phones.
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Wireless Application Protocol - WiFiWAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, a secure specification that allows users to access information instantly via handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones, pagers, two-way radios, smartphones and communicators. WAP is supported by all operating systems. Ones specifically engineered for handheld devices include Palm OS, EPOC, Windows CE, FLEXOS, OS/9, and Java OS.
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How to be a Programmer - Programing training To be a good programmer is difficult and noble. The hardest part of making real a collective vision of a software project is dealing with one's coworkers and customers. Writing computer programs is important and takes great intelligence and skill. But it is really child's play compared to everything else that a good programmer must do to make a software system that succeeds for both the customer and myriad colleagues for whom she is partially responsible. In this essay I attempt to summarize as concisely as possible those things that I wish someone had explained to me when I was twenty-one.
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TW Tech Glossary - Misplaced your bible? Well here it is - Tech Glosasary! This truly took a while to complete and should be used by all from beginners to advance techies.
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What Programming Language To Learn - Programming LanguagesOne of the most common questions we hear from individuals hoping to enter the IT industry is, "What programming languages do I need to know?" Obviously this is a complex question, and the answer will depend on what field the questioner is going into. Many programming languages are taught during courses used to obtain a computer information science degree. However, those already in IT know that the greatest skill you can have is to be a jack-of-all-trades. A well-prepared worker can switch between computer programming jobs with only minimal training, thanks to a wide knowledge of multiple programming languages.
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What is WML?

Short for Wireless Markup Language, an XML language used to specify content and user interface for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) devices; the WAP forum provides a DTD (Short for document type definition. A DTD states what tags and attributes are used to describe content in an SGML document, where each tag is allowed, and which tags can appear within other tags. For example, in a DTD one could say that LIST tags can for WML.

WML is supported by almost every mobile phone browser around the world.

WML pages are requested and served in the same way as HDML (Handheld Device Markup Language is used to format content for Web-enabled mobile phones. HDML is Openwave's (formerly known as proprietary language, which can only be viewed on mobile phones that use Openwave browsers.

For Web servers to serve WML pages, they must contain the text/vnd.wap.wml mime type MIME (Short for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, a specification for formatting non-ASCII messages so that they can be sent over the Internet. Many e-mail clients now support MIME, which enables them to send and receive graphics, audio, and video files via the Internet mail system. In addition, MIME supports messages in character sets other than ASCII).

Another Description!

WML stands for Wireless Markup Language, and is what HTML is to a web browser. It is based on XML, or rather it is an XML application. If you're going from HTML to WML, with no prior knowledge of XML, chances are you'll find WML *very* strict. Just like HTML and XML, WML is read and interpreted by a browser built into the WAP device. For WAP devices, the browser is commonly called a micro browser, indicating that its capabilities are somewhat limited. These capabilities are of course also limited to the capabilites of the WAP device in which it lives.


Check your content on different browsers.

Most of the current WAP browsers suffer from bugs and incompatibilities with the published specifications. This problem is particularly severe when things should work according to the specifications but fail mysteriously on a particular browser. (This situation will get better with time; there is now an official test suite available and a certification program. But until both are widely adopted, incompatibility remains a serious problem.) This WAP browser incompatibility means that, for the time being, you should test your WAP applications on as many different devices as possible. Don't assume that some technique you've used will work everywhere just because it works on one browser. Try it out on different devices, preferably on one from a different manufacturer.

Check it on different screens.(#)

Don't write your applications for one device and assume that everyone else has the same screen size. There are few things more irritating than having a nice new PDA with a big screen and having four words of text on each page. On the other hand, be aware that putting long essays onto WAP sites will cut out the huge portion of your audience accessing your site via a cell phone. If you have content that will benefit from a big screen, consider making two versions of your site: one with lots of small files for cell-phone users and one with a few big files for PDA users. Things like news stories and sports reports really benefit from this sort of treatment.

Also, don't rely on a screen's width to be a particular dimension. Some sites lay out tabulated information by relying on a particular cell phone to put line breaks in the right places. This type of layout is completely unreadable on most other cell phones, let alone PDA browsers.

Provide alternatives to timers.(#)

Many WAP sites use WML's timer facilities to display logos and splash screens before the main content loads. Very few sites provide any alternate means of entering the main page if the timer does not work as expected. If no alternative is provided, the user will be stranded on a page with no way to go forward or back.

The most common reason for a timer to fail is a name attribute on the timer referencing a variable that isn't initialized properly somewhere else. This works fine the first time, since the default value is used, but later visits to the same page will use the value "0" for the timer, which disables it. To be on the safe side, always provide a or element to perform the same action as the timer. This also improves the user's experience, since he or she can skip past the timed page, if the time-out is long.

Use images sparingly.(#)

WAP is not the Web. Screen sizes are small, and download times are long. Use an image only where a few words of text isn't enough. You can probably fit only one image on-screen at a time on most cell phones, so the complicated image-based layouts on so many Web pages are simply impossible on a WAP site. And don't use images as bullet points or other decorations. Not only does this slow down page display on most devices, but you cannot rely on the image appearing where you want it to on some browsers.

A direct call link in WML(#)

WML pages are designed to be viewed on a cellular telephone, and cellular telephones are designed to be used for calls. Combine these two uses by offering a link to your telephone number on your WAP site. Simply place a link of this type using the card you want on your WAP packet:


Then replace what follows 0 by your telephone number (remember to delete the first 0 here).

When your visitors click on this link, their telephone will automatically dial your number to contact you. Practical isn't it?

Convert images into WAP ready ones.(#)

WAP Pictus is an image conversion package for turning full color BMP,GIF or JPEG images in WAP ready WBMP images. The program is fairly simple and a single click will invoke the transformation on an imported image. Other features include image resize and dithering settings for adjusting the conversion quality.

What is a valid WML deck

A deck is referred to as a single collection of cards in WML, where each card contains structured content and navigation. A WML deck conforms to the WAP Forum WML specification; it is surrounded with tags, which contain the cards inside.

Every valid WML deck must contain an XML declaration as a valid XML document, as well as a document-type declaration, both of which are specified at the beginning of the WML deck .

Here is an example of a validation declaration in the header of a WML file:


Another example, using a different site:


WML is highly structured and very particular about syntax. Several current HTML browsers allow for "messy" code such as missing tags and other formatting snafus. Such mistakes are not allowed in WML; the mobile browser will complain and generally won't display the page.

WML is case sensitive.(#)

The tags and are treated as different tags, although they accomplish the same purpose (bold text). Therefore, you must be careful to match the case of your opening tags with your closing tags (for example, This isbold will not work as expected).

Many tags have required attributes. Developers accustomed to HTML may be used to including only attributes they need-in some WML tags, you must include a few attributes, even if they are blank or default.

WML's Events

WML supports the tag. The following example uses one of the supported events, the onenterforward event. This event occurs when the script enters the card in which this tag resides. In this particular case, it is a help card. Here is the code:


The currency rates were obtained from the Federal

Reserve Bank of New York on $(date).



We see here the tag, which calls the WMLScript function getInfodate(). This function loads the date variable with the date in the past on which the currency rates were obtained. It is invoked inside an onevent tag, with the event being entering the card, onenterforward.

The card itself includes two items. First is a free-text message, "The currency rates...." The second important item is the Back soft key. It is important to provide users with the key to go back from this Help card.

Tips for the best development tools

You can develop your WAP pages with Notepad, but as with all kind of development it's easier and faster if you have the right tool at hand.


Waptor 2.3 (736Kb) for Windows from WAPDrive.A small and easy to use WML editor and viewer for Windows. Some knowledge of WML is necessary.

Mobile Application Development Kit (MADK) (20.6MB) for Windows from Motorola Motorolas free SDK for WAP developers. Includes a phone emulator and a WML development tool.

Wireless Companion (3.2MB) for Windows from An combined HTML and WML browser. You must have Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape 4 or newer browser installed because the HTML browser uses their engine. You can choose one of the following phone skins: Ericsson 320, 380 or a Nokia 7110.

WAPman (181kb) for Win32 and Palm is a WML viewer for windows. This connects to a gateway, and if the gateway is unavailable then the program don't work.

WinWAP (1.2Mb) for Win32 is the fastest and easiest way to view WML pages without a WAP device. (except for the Wapalizer of course). Even if it's version 2.2,it's still a little buggy. All WML decks will display correctly, but sometimes the links don't work.

Nokia WAP Toolkit (10.8MB).You must register to download the toolkit, but there is no other way to do this if you are serious about developing and testing WAP sites.

Ericssons WapIDE SDK (5.49MB).The Ericssons SDK are a collection of software for developing WML decks, device designer for creating visual layout of the devices, WML browser, Application Designer and Server Toolset containing perl libraries.

UP.SDK (5.8MB)'s SDK. By testing your WML decks with different development tools, your are able to filter out most possible errors. The downloadable from Nokia is sometime not enough. If you for example creates a WML deck to large for the gateway, no Nokia product will tell you what's wrong. But this SDK will. Photoshop/Paintshop WBMP plug-in. This plug-in is a must have for anyone working with images for WAP. This plug-in let you open and save images in WBMP format.

Online WBMP converter. This service gives you the opportunity to upload and convert GIF's and JPG's to WBMP via the browser.

WBMP converter for Win32 Drag and drop converter for Windows. Let you easily converts GIF to WBMP (WAP images).  Go to the Nokia web site at and download the Nokia WAP toolkit. Then get a WAP browser to use on your computer from

WBMP allows you to make your own real time graphics for your WAP compatible cellular , with the WBMP format.

Download wbmp (wab, wml, wireless images format) plug-in for Adobe Photoshop This plug-in allows Photoshop (and compatible Photoshop hosts) to read and write type 0 WBMP. This format is currently used for wireless devices.

Emulate a WAP phone on your Desktop.(#)

Emulate a WAP phone on your Desktop. This WAP browser goes the whole hog and not only gives you access to WAP Internet content but it also emulates a WAP phone, complete with mobile phone style fascia, working buttons and the navigation dial for scrolling up and down the page. On first impression it has a novelty appeal, but on the practical side it's the most realistic way to test your WAP pages without actually using a real WAP phone.


To set up the mime type in IIS: console management, actions, properties, http headers, new type, also is in HELP, but not very clear.

Content-type: text/vnd.wap.wml

To view files, use the following syntax:


equivalent to:


Or, assuming a mount of the CTILAB machine on drive E:


We had to associate .wml with the mime header in IIS, and had to do it in several places, not knowing which worked.

To check syntax

Save the .wml file as .xml and open in IE. Or, associate .wml files with internet explorer.

This will check the XML well-formedness, and provide some useful feedback if not correct.

In ASP the default mime type for response. write is text/html, so we have to specify that explicitly to be text/vnd.wap.wml

F9 is reload. Sometimes we have to restart the phone simulator to fix things.

URL has to be fully qualified in "dest" (destination). URL in form action statement in HTML, according to the spec, must be fully qualified. No one requires this however. BUT, it IS required for DEST in WML and HDML.

Tips for Server hosting

Free space for your WML pages: Wapdrive, Wappy, TagTag or Hoiley. These hosts are dedicated to host WML pages, but many host providers are now offering hosting of WML pages as well as HTML pages.


Did You Know?

  • WML stands for Wireless Markup Language.

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