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Dated: Jan. 13, 2010

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What's a Server?

A main computer which manages the resources in a network is known as a server. Servers are specialized today. The types of servers depend on its function. These computer servers do not have any other function than to do their server tasks. For example a print server manages two or more printers.

Server Types:

Application Servers:

Application servers are sometimes called as “middleware” as they link the user to a database server and returns data as requested by the user. For example there are servers in the network between a user and the Web server. These middleware servers process the specific page requested by the user and collects it from the server to return to the user. Such servers which connect two applications or computers are known as application servers.

Video Servers:

Multimedia like audio and video are brought from the website to the user with a video server in between. These intermediate servers are known as video servers. It functions as a load balancing server.

Fax Servers:

Fax servers are used between two fax machines to store the data faxed from one and printed in another.

Newsgroup Servers:

Newsgroups are online bulletin boards where millions of users can share data about any interest in specialized groups. These newsgroups in USENET are maintained by newsgroup servers.Types of Servers

Telnet Servers:

Telnet servers allow users to connect their remote computer to a network through a telnet (telecommunication network).

Proxy Servers:

Proxy servers are servers between a web browser and another server in the Web to process requests and improve efficiency.

Wireless Servers:

Computers or hardware in a network are connected to other hardware without wires in a wireless server. Common wireless servers are printer servers.

Cluster Servers:

One of most important type of server is cluster servers. Software that enables clustering of servers is installed into a computer. Clustering servers also serve as load balancing servers between two computers. This is a common small business server. Clustering servers are used to avoid server failover. Server failover is the capability to shift to another standby server if the main server fails.

Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated web server is the rental and usage of Web servers and its software. Dedicated servers are used for websites with huge amount of traffic or a large business. The actual computer server is present with the web hosting company.

Service is provided in two types:

  1. Managed Dedicated Server Hosting: The web host maintains the dedicated servers while the client only needs to provide data. The web host also takes care of any server problems providing a reliable and trouble-free experience for the client.
  2. Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting: The server is maintained by the client. The web host only provides physical security. Server problems are solved by the web host for an additional fee.

Remote Network Monitoring (RMON):

Servers are used in remote network monitoring to collect data from remote computers and share it to another computer.

Windows Dedicated Servers:

Windows provides failover computers through windows dedicated servers.

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Nice article
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