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Dated: Jul. 22, 2013

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Cloud networks are already widely used, there are a lot of software and technology that help efficient work. Cloud solutions are offered by all the major players in the IT market. Finally, many people are already using cloud networks, and among them is probably you. Do you have a Gmail / Hotmail?

First we used the computer as an isolated island - we had a computer and its software on it where we kept all our data. Then we networked computers and enabled exchange of data, but the first place to store data continues to be our computer. Business needs for data sharing and data access from different locations have brought the relocation of the primary data storage servers and storage systems. Similar reasons motivate software on the server relocation, first part, the client-server solutions, and complete, using a variety of Web applications and services on the server side.

We are slowly coming out of the company infrastructure and we are moving data and applications to servers that are available globally. This is a cloud network. For the Windows platform the best support is SkyDrive. Similarly, users of Apple computers will see iCloud to be the best solution, and GDrive will appeal to Android and Google Docs users. In addition to SkyDrive and DropBox, people use GDrive, mainly as additional storage and backup. SkyDrive apps are available on almost all devices that use Windows Phone 8, Windows RT tablet, Windows 8 laptop and XBOX 360 consoles. Data is available through all applications and conservative users may map a disc-letter to_use SkyDrive space.Cloud networks The easiest way to work is to save the document and load directly from the cloud network, which is the only mode available on Windows phones and tablets. On the "big" Windows 8 it is possible to copy cloud network storage for data (the whole or part of it ) kept on local disk, regardless of whether you use SkyDrive, GDrive, DropBox or some other solution.

All your files are placed in the SkyDrive folder - documents, music, videos, etc.. including the desktop that you use as a work area for what you are currently doing. Now all that is in the cloud network. If you move to another computer, tablet or phone, all the files are right there. We especially like the fact that there is a kind of online SkyDrive Recycle Bin, which keeps up to 25 versions of the document backwards. That way if you accidentally deleted something or want to revert to the old version, you simply can do it through SkyDrive Recycle Bin.

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