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Dated: Oct. 29, 2004

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Don't you hate it when you open Windows Explorer in Windows 2000 or XP, and you have to sift through all sorts of drives and folders to get to the location you want? Wouldn't it be easier if Windows Explorer would automatically open to that location?

It would be easier, and it can be done. As I'll show you, Windows Explorer's default location can be changed to whatever location you want.

The steps:

Here's how to set Windows Explorer to open to a location other than the default.

1. Make a shortcut to Windows Explorer on your Desktop. Here's how to do it: Click on the Start menu, and point to Accessories.
        Right-click Explorer, and drag it (yes, with the right mouse button) to the Desktop.
        Select Make Shortcut Here or Move Here in XP

2. Now, right-click the shortcut icon, and select Properties.

3. You have to add something to the target field. Put a space after the shortcut path, and add "/e,/root,path".
        The "path" is the complete path to the directory you want Explorer to open to, including the drive.
        You will not be able to go up any more levels than your specified path.
        You can have several Explorer shortcuts on your desktop, each opening to a different root directory.

Access Files Quickly in XP & 2000

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