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Dated: May. 03, 2013

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Modern technology has made it greatly easier to do everyday tasks, it enabled us to always be available, but also that we can communicate with everyone at every moment. But, modern technology has brought some habits with it that are not very good for our devices or for our social life.

To avoid these bad habits getting out of control you should follow a few simple instructions.

Leaving your things unsupervised

Mobile phones, laptops and tablets don’t disappear because a robber decided he wants to rob you, it is because you gave him the chance. Devices that have been left unattended in a coffee shop, parked car or in a jacket that you hung somewhere outside of your sight is the easiest target for a thief.

If just wanted to go the store or to the ATM, think again and bring your mobile phone with you or put it away somewhere where it is not visible. Of course, you can always entrust it to someone, but make sure that that person is someone you trust.

Bad habits dirty pcYou don’t clean your equipment

We keep mobile phones in our hands all the time, and when we answer a call we leave a fine layer of grease from our faces on their surface. After a while, the device can look like it has been through a war zone. If we add a playful child or a call during lunch time to that you will have a whole menu on you device. The situation is not better with portable computers that often serve as a desk or a pad for a cup of coffee. Except for looking ugly, they present a hazard for your health too. And dirt can also affect their work and life span if vents clog because of it.

Cleaning is actually very simple. You clean mobile phones when they get dirty, but it would be good to wipe them every day with tissues for cleaning screens. Other equipment like portable computers should be cleaned once or twice a year. Give yourself a reminder if you think you won’t remember.

You are in front of the screen non-stop

Whether it is a computer screen, tablet screen or a smart phone screen, sitting in front of them everyday for a few hours can be devastating for your health. Scientists have already proven that when we look at the screen we blink less which makes our eyes drier. If we add the slowing of circulation, joint and muscle stiffness and bad posture when we sit in front of the computer or we play with a smart phone, it is not hard to see why getting out of the chair is getting harder.

Set yourself regular periods when you will look away from the screen, get off the chair and walk a little. One of the best tricks is to keep a glass of water on the desk and drink from it often. Not only will you be more hydrated, but you will have to get up more often to go to the bathroom or to refill the glass. Also, you can install an app that will make you to get away from the computer or smart phone at least for a few minutes.

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