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Dated: Jun. 07, 2011

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by Alina Cambridge

This article will give an idea on why you should learn how to use WAMP. It gives you an overview and covers the basic requirements of WAMP. Installing WAMP is easy and quick, but configuring and administering WAMP does require some knowledge and skills. The tutorial answers many common questions people have about WAMP. The ultimate goal of this tutorial is to help you determine if WAMP is the solution you are looking for by providing the advantages and disadvantages of WAMP.

What is WAMP?

WAMP is a powerful backend web development and hosting environment integrated from Apache, MySQL and PHP. Using Apache as a web server, MySQL as a database server, and PHP as a server side script engine, WAMP controls all these components using an intuitive interface.

What You Need to Know Before Installing WAMP?

WAMP is designed to run on Windows Platform only. If you want something similar for Linux, try LAMP.

WAMP is not designed for the production environment out-of-the-box. However, with some knowledge of securing the Apache and MySQL servers, WAMP can be safely run as production.

What Technical Knowledge or Skills Do I Need to Have Before I Can Begin Installing and Administering WAMP?

You should at least have some knowledge on web servers administration. It will help you resolve issues faster should you run into issues administering WAMP.

Who uses WAMP?

WAMP is used by many people for many different purposes. It is used by many companies as a hosting platform for their intranet websites. Web developers use WAMP as a testing platform to replicate the production environment. Web server enthusiasts installed WAMP on their personal computers to learn some administration skills.

What are the Advantages of WAMP?

Simplifying Installation, Configuration and Maintenance: Installing WAMP is very easy and quick. Just download the executable file, run it, and then follow the simple instructions. WAMP also provides an intuitive interface to configure MySQL database server. To simplify maintenance, WAMP has a smart built-in feature that automatically checks for compatibility between different PHP and Apache web server releases.

Powerful: By combining all three powerful components (Apache, MySQL, PHP) into one solution, WAMP is indeed one of the most powerful engines ever created.

Free for All: WAMP was created as an open source project. It has a GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). What this means is that it is free for personal and commercial use.

Multiple Add-ons are Available: Multiple add-ons are available for WAMP to extend its functionalities. Current available add-ons are available to add different releases for Apache, MySQL and PHP into WAMP.

Flexibility: WAMP provides an interface to select different releases of Apache, MySQL or PHP. This is especially essential when needed to replicate similar versions running on the production environment.

What are the Disadvantages of WAMP?

WAMP does not support Perl, Python or other server side script engines. However, you can add support for these server scripts by adding modules to the Apache Web Server (Hint: Google Apache Perl Module).

Are You Ready for WAMP?

I can use many adjectives to describe WAMP including fast, powerful, flexible, stable, customizable, and best of all, it’s free. WAMP already has many add-ons available today to extend its functionalities and many more add-ons are in the development stage. Although it lacks the support for Perl and some other server side script engines, there are workarounds available. Many have already started using WAMP as a development platform or hosting their companies’ intranet websites. Now it’s your turn to decide if WAMP is right for you.


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