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Dated: Mar. 22, 2010

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by Dianna Reed

Computer cases come in a variety of colors, designs, materials and for those who wish to bare all, there are clear acrylic cases available. You'll hear of all types of hardware lingo like: ATX computer cases, full tower computer cases, desktop computer cases, custom computer cases, aluminum computer cases, cheap computer cases, gaming computer cases, mini computer cases, and on and on and get the drift.

When it comes to cases there are three basic styles and there sub-sizes:

  • Desktop Case - The desktop is flat and rectangular. It usually sits on top of the desk and is ideal for people with small workspaces.
  • Tower Case - The tower is available in three sizes; micro, mid or mini and full tower.
    • Micro Tower Case - The micro tower is more compact in size and can either sit on the floor or on the desk.
    • Mid Case & Mini Case - The mid or mini is taller and usually sits on the floor next to your desk.
    • Full Tower Case - The full tower is largest and is sometimes used as a server. It sits on the floor as well.
  • Shuttle Case - The shuttle is a compressed version of the micro tower and is more boxed shaped than the micro tower. It is ideal for small work area. The Shuttle cases come with motherboard (micro ATX/ITX) and power supply. However on the down side, there are not many options when it comes to case colors, basic black is as good as it gets.
    • Note 1: If you are gamer or need high end graphic applications, and the lack of slots limits your expansion capabilities.
    • Note 2: If you are a student in a dorm, the shuttle case is perfect.

Computer Cases Usage

Computer Case

The usage for PC cases range from work stations to servers and everything in between.

  • Desktop Cases and micro-towers are found in workstations because they take up less space. While the desktop and micro tower are space savers they are also limited in space and cannot house more than one hard drive and one optical drive. Because of the tight space, working inside can be difficult.
  • Mid or Mini Towers Cases are used in offices as well, especially by those who require high-end components and multiple drives. Although they are much larger than desktop and micro-towers and are also found in home. Mid and Towers provide the most space. There are several drive bay slots which allow you to add additional hard drives and optical drives and the size and inside space makes upgrading is easy.
  • Shuttle Cases are the newest case available and resembled a shrunken version of the tower. Shuttles are complete and many come with touch screen monitors attached. Most shuttles come pre-built and because they are small working inside can be difficult.

Gamers, engineers and designers are more likely to use mid and full towers because they are easy to upgrade and provide the power needed to get the job done. 

The Price is Right

Cheap Computer Cases - If you are looking for a PC case and you have a limited budget, you can purchase any of the cases with the exception of the shuttle. If you purchase the tower, later on down the line when your budget has expanded you can upgrade more easily. Towers have a sleek and expensive look and they range in price from $20 to about $400 or more. Towers tend to come with power supplies pre-installed which can be an additional money saver.

Cool Computer Cases - If the sky is the limit and you want the PC case that is the envy of all your friends that the mid or full tower is the one for you. You can purchase a custom case designed specifically for you. Your PC is a reflection of your style and taste. If you are the flashy type, there are PC cases with bubble lights, neon lights and the capabilities are endless when select a clear case. Aluminum cases are light weight and tend to retain less heat and can be a bit more pricy than metal and acrylic. If you are a gamer, an aluminum case would be best to keep your high-end components cool.

Whatever PC case you choose, there is something for everyone and every budget.

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